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GoodMedia is a full service advertising agency founded in 2007. We love building those bridges between our clients and their customers, paving the way for great products and services. We strongly believe that you, our client, should have the opportunity to choose from great, original ideas, inspired by the beauty of our world and the wonders around us. Success is what motivates us, your happiness drives us.

It is a consumer's world out there, whether we accept it or not, that is why we base our foundation on classical mechanisms of advertising – the ATL and BTL principles – employed by great marketing Gurus and having shown their timeless effectiveness. We do implement unconventional advertising models as well though in order to fulfill our clients' needs and ideas across the board, beyond and above their expectations!

Being a team of professionals who rely on their own ideas, learn from experience and relentlessly strive for excellence, we customize the work we do to suit our every client and their uniqueness. No effort is spared toward conveying that original and distinctive message, presenting the characteristics of your business in an unmistakable and unforgettable way!

We are built to perfectly mix creativity and efficiency. Our successfully proven teamwork generates quick and real solutions without the loss of information or the wasting of valuable time, your time! We have learnt to be flexible, but to the point, adaptable though very precise. Awareness of classical communication channels with a dash of daring enables us to generate ideas and those fruitful mechanisms that bring our clients' desires to life!

Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Chișinău, and the clients, our friends, tell us they relax and enjoy their visits with us every time.

Good times with good friends, good deeds with good intentions!